3D Mixed Media Portrait


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Producing a 3D portrait with a twist, using recycled bits and bobs, corrugated cardboard, shoe wrapping, PVA glue and paint. Check out the next step during next week’s lesson that will make all the difference!


About msbbuttigieg

I am a dynamic Early Years Teacher who is crazy about creativity and imagination, while giving direct experience to the children through involvement and participation. Although I teach the little ones, I also believe that they teach me their innocent and sweet basic life-lessons in return...there is so much to learn from a young child, who sees the world through a simpler and different lens than us adults! I am a qualified Early Years teacher, and have recently further my studies at the University of Malta after sitting for a B.Ed (Hons) in Early Childhood Education and Care.

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  1. Messy and tactile….today’s lesson was so much fun! Next week’s dry-brushing once the stricture is dry will make all the difference. Prepare to be surprised!

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