Ġgantija Temples Collage


Making a collage using a vast range of different types, textures and colours of paper to create the Ġgantija temples from plan view.

The children were surprised by the legend behind the Ġgantija temples… it goes that a giantess called Sansuna, who was on a diet of only broad beans, has built the temples whilst carrying her baby daughter on one arm- hence the Mother and Daughter temple (one of the temples is larger than the other.)

I am inspired by these legends and our beautiful pre-history as much as the children, which has led me to create one of my beloved art collections PRESTIGE…REVIVING THE PAST. If you are interested, you can visit my website on http://www.bernicebuhagiar.com or find me, Bernice Buhagiar on my Facebook page.

Now….check the children’s work out!!!

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About msbbuttigieg

I am a dynamic Early Years Teacher who is crazy about creativity and imagination, while giving direct experience to the children through involvement and participation. Although I teach the little ones, I also believe that they teach me their innocent and sweet basic life-lessons in return...there is so much to learn from a young child, who sees the world through a simpler and different lens than us adults! I am a qualified Early Years teacher, and have recently further my studies at the University of Malta after sitting for a B.Ed (Hons) in Early Childhood Education and Care.

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