Impasto painting

Impasto painting

What a messy day =))) You should have seen us getting all dirty and messed up with thick poster paint, applied thickly on cardboard using all sizes and types of spoons, as well as different sorts of plastic knives and forks!!

And of course, impasto cannot be done by not mentioning the grand name of the wonderful artist Vincent Van Gogh…our muse.

Have to go… got to clean the paint off the classroom table, floor and bathroom sink! =)

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About msbbuttigieg

I am a dynamic Early Years Teacher who is crazy about creativity and imagination, while giving direct experience to the children through involvement and participation. Although I teach the little ones, I also believe that they teach me their innocent and sweet basic life-lessons in return...there is so much to learn from a young child, who sees the world through a simpler and different lens than us adults! I am a qualified Early Years teacher, and have recently further my studies at the University of Malta after sitting for a B.Ed (Hons) in Early Childhood Education and Care.

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