Terracotta pinch pots and crib cute figures =) – part 1


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Stimulating those fine and gross motor skills whilst relaxing our senses through clay modelling and learning clay modelling techniques such as applying, piercing and impressing… now off for the firing!!

Next week we will be painting our oh-so-cute crib figures!


About msbbuttigieg

I am a dynamic Early Years Teacher who is crazy about creativity and imagination, while giving direct experience to the children through involvement and participation. Although I teach the little ones, I also believe that they teach me their innocent and sweet basic life-lessons in return...there is so much to learn from a young child, who sees the world through a simpler and different lens than us adults! I am a qualified Early Years teacher, and have recently further my studies at the University of Malta after sitting for a B.Ed (Hons) in Early Childhood Education and Care.

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    • Thanks for your positive comments Katya! As you can see, they were truly wonderful once fired, but obviously the process of exploring and discovering was more valuable =)

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